Arguments happen. A domestic dispute may lead to the police being called. A night out might lead to an altercation after people have had a few drinks.

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What Is The Difference Between Assault And Aggravated Assault?

While every violent crime arrest or accusation is serious, the potential consequences of a conviction vary according to very specific details of the case. Was a weapon involved? Was there just intent to cause bodily harm as opposed to actual bodily harm? This information will play a key role in what kind of charge is filed against you.

Assault involves an attempt to cause bodily harm or injury. Battery involves intentionally and knowingly causing bodily harm or injury. These charges are misdemeanors when they involve simple cuts and bruises, but if the bodily harm is more serious or involves the use of a deadly weapon, the charge may be considered a felony. This is called aggravated assault or aggravated battery.

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