Defense Against First Offense And Multiple DUIs In Wyoming

One of the most troubling consequences of a first offense DUI is not the fines or license suspensions. It is the mark on your criminal record. The more DUIs you have, the more severe the consequences, including potential incarceration. You need to be sure every charge is approached as aggressively as possible to prevent issues in the future.

At Tom Sutherland Law Offices, we know that it is easy to misjudge how much alcohol a person has consumed. All it takes is one instance of poor judgment to result in Breathalyzer tests, field sobriety tests and drunk driving, DUI and DWI charges.

We take every opportunity to suppress the evidence gathered against our clients. We question the accuracy of breath and chemical tests and we investigate police procedures that may have violated our clients' rights. Details like these can make a difference, allowing us to file motions to suppress evidence and subsequently prevent serious issues if another DUI arises later on.

I Thought I Was OK To Drive, But I Still Failed A Breath Test

Were you really impaired? Everyone has different responses to alcohol. A heavier individual who is accustomed to drinking four beers during an evening out may not feel impaired at all. But if he or she is pulled over and given a breath test and the results reflect a blood alcohol content level above the legal limit, the driver may face a DUI charge. Many times, we can argue that despite breath test results, you were not a danger on the road.

Was there probable cause to have you take a breath test? Some cases we see involve people who were pulled over for a standard traffic offense like speeding, but ended up walking away in handcuffs. The officer who pulled you over needed to have probable cause to search your property or gather evidence against you. If there was no probable cause, the evidence the police gathered may not be admissible in court. We investigate the manner in which evidence was gathered against you.

Were the test results accurate? Breathalyzers are machines like any other, and machines can easily fail. They need to be recalibrated regularly and checked for malfunction. In some cases, the test results do not reflect the individual's true blood alcohol content. We can look into how well these machines are maintained and whether the results are accurate.

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